Vector Graphics Explained For The Laymen

What ON EARTH is a vector graphic file? Does it have anything to do with angles or angels? Was it named after a guy named Victor, then over the years was it mangled into the word “vector” by laymen with an eye for verbal destruction and a desire to see the English language burn? Is Vector a town in Minnesota where they milk moose to make cheese, which they then mark up at ridiculous prices to sell under the ever-so-classy moniker “Moose Cheese By Vector?”

According to Wiki, this is what a vector graphic file is:

Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygon(s), which are all based on mathematical expressions, to represent images in computer graphics. Vector graphics are based on vectors (also called paths, or strokes) which lead through locations called control points.

Oh my goodness, gracious, I’ve got a headache.

Basically, a vector graphic is a scalable art file made in a program such as Adobe Illustrator. These files typically end in one of the following extensions: .ai, .eps, .ps, .svg or .pdf. Instead of an image being made up of a ton of pixels laid out and plotted forever in their unique spots, a vector graphic stores the information on the location of many points (anchors) so that your graphic can be made larger or smaller without losing any image clarity at all. You can zoom in to your graphic until you’re so close, you’d be able to see bacteria in real life. And even at this close level, there are no blurry pixels. Instead, you see the same number of pixels as you saw when zoomed out, only re-organized to sharply portray a tiny point on your overall graphic.

Why is this important to you or your printer? It allows for re-sizing your awesome designs without losing any clarity at all. You can take a graphic that is normally ten inches across and re-size it to fit on a half inch wristband, or vice versa. Without a vector file, such drastic changes in sizing would result in image quality loss that could seriously hurt the end product.

When you see a poster on a wall that is 10 feet wide and 10 feet long, the artist didn’t have to create an enormous art file in order to print the enormous image. All he/she had to do was create a vector file of any size (12″ x 12″ for example) and the printer was then able to blow up the design until it was a big, humongous advertising masterpiece.

Corporate Identity Design for Small Businesses

With the internet making it possible for more work from home opportunities, small businesses are opening their doors each and every day around the world. When it comes to corporate identity design, the small business needs to pay as much attention to this element of their business as a large corporation.

Corporate identity design is the first impression a customer has of any business. It’s the name, the logo and the perception that will follow the business throughout its growth and beyond. It is so important to get this portion of the company right, to ensure continued growth, brand visibility and memorability.

The first consideration when it comes to corporate identity design is the brand. The business needs to know what they do and where they are going to create a brand that is both memorable and visible. This can be done through thorough research on competitors, audience and products.

A company can’t just come up with a branding idea and know it’s going to work. This takes time and some much needed research. Ensuring the brand will be perceived correctly is essential. Ideally over time you want customers to see your company name or logo and know exactly what your business does, without having to read up on your company bio.

Once the branding is sorted, it’s time to develop the perfect logo. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional to handle this side for you to ensure your company enjoys the benefits of a professionally designed logo that is versatile, memorable, simple and appropriate.

Your logo needs to be timeless. You can’t change your logo every few years, in fact your logo must be versatile enough to move with the constantly changing times and still remain appropriate in ten or even twenty years’ time.

Next is a website. Every company needs an easy to navigate website these days that will appeal to their target audience. Again, using a professional designer for the website is advantageous and ensures that the website is perfect for your particular audience.

Research is another important factor when it comes to website design. Take the time to see what your competitors websites look like and how they appear to their audience. Each website should be designed with the audience in mind, making it appealing, and increasing traffic and in turn, improving revenue.

Advertising is an essential part of corporate identity design. You need to ensure your brand is being noticed and seen by the right audience. The internet has opened up a lot of doors for smaller businesses these days, enabling them to trade globally and increase their audience base dramatically.

At the same time, the local audience shouldn’t be forgotten and handing out leaflets, handing out business cards and printing brochures on your products are all ways to improve your brand visibility and reach the right target audience.

Using a professional design company to assist with your corporate identity design can ensure that it is done correctly the first time round. You don’t want to be changing logos and branding after customers have already seen what you offer and visited your website.

A professional team handling the corporate identity design for your new business should take the time to get to know you, your company and what you offer. Through research they will determine the audience you appeal to and then be able to create a timeless and versatile logo and advertising solutions that will ensure your brand is noticed and visible to your entire audience both online and offline.

While hiring a professional company may seem like an expensive exercise, it will pay for itself over a short period of time when you start seeing the results.

How Law Firms Benefit From Digital Working

What people believe and observe today is that achieving justice is probably not the easiest thing to do today. Being governed by the human system, people have no choice but to wait until justice is served. Justice can be achieved today through undergoing legal procedures. Although the process can sometimes be slow, people can get an assurance that the end results will always be in their favour. In the modern world today, slow process is simply not enough, which is why there are several technologies that help promote faster processing.

From the previous years, visionaries were able to see the future influenced by technological advancements and internet software. Considering the kind of living people have now, this is probably true. Individuals and professionals today are able to enjoy computer applications, hosting software, and other innovations that help improve their operations. Business, relationships, communications, operations, professionals, and other aspects of the general life are now deeply influenced by software, which also applies to the concept of law. Lawyers as well as law firms today are able to take advantage of the convenience of digital working.

Digital working helps lawyers and their firm access all elements involved in handling their cases, anywhere and anytime they want. With the firm’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) or cloud software, they never have to worry about misplacing or losing a file. Additionally, team members can collaborate easily, manage a project, and interact with other employees without the need to be in the same location at the same time. With digital works, lawyers are able to perform their tasks efficiently with their ideal working environment.

One more benefit of working digitally is that it promotes eco consciousness. Since lawyers can work remotely, their files are placed in one location through a third party server. Therefore, they are able to save using less paper. This is of course more convenient when handling cases, as lawyers usually handle a lot of cases, and it wouldn’t be easy to carry around hundreds of paper documents when they travel from one place to another. Previous research says that criminal court trials consume papers coming from almost 450 trees. So working digitally could save a lot of trees as well.

There is no arguing that technology really has a lot of benefits to humans, not only to lawyers, but to the whole society. It doesn’t matter what type of advancement you choose for yourself or your business, because the end results will surely be positive. Technology advancements today are considered investments, and the earlier you tap into these recent provisions, the better.