Factors To Consider When Choosing Computer Recyclers

Electronics that are obsolete or broken need to be disposed properly or sent for recycling. It is important to avoid placing any of your electronics in the trash. Many of this electronic equipment contain heavy metals that can prove harmful to humans and the environment. Computers typically contain mercury, cadmium and lead which can be hazardous, particularly when the machine is obsolete. To avoid financial penalties it is important to find qualified computer recyclers. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing a vendor, including:

· History & commitment

It is important to hire the services of a company that has been in business for many years. Furthermore, the company should provide you with prove of having been committed to computer recycling during this time. Some of the vendors are not committed to environmentally friendly recycling techniques. They often rely on brokers and subcontractors, transferring the fate of your computers to third-parties whom you hardly know. As a result, you may end up being potentially liable for e-waste.

· Certification

Many of the larger companies seek to work with certified vendors. The ISO 14001 certification is important because it specifies the process for continuously improving the environmental performance of a company. It involves review of the company’s operations and development of procedures at every level. This is aimed at identifying and prioritizing, as well as managing environmental risks. All the employees are trained and involved. Therefore, the necessary certification demonstrates the company’s commitments and operational strength to the environment.

· Environmental compliance

It is important to consider the recycler’s record in complying with the environmental rules, laws and regulations. A potential vendor must adhere to the necessary regulations required for storage and processing, as well as disposition of end-of-life computers. The vendor’s property site should not be polluted. Furthermore, the electronic equipment in their possession should be stored carefully to avoid getting into contact with dirt and being exposed to the weather. Computers contain hazardous elements and thus, when they are stored outdoors or improperly these harmful elements can leach into the surrounding environment.