Three Reasons to Use a Tablet at Your Next Convention

The common use of the tablet is transforming the way businesses interact with consumers. Many merchants are now using tablets at conventions and trade shows to draw in potential customers. Here are three reasons this can help your business.

1. Affordable
You’ll spend half the price for a tablet kiosk. A traditional kiosk costs between $2,000-$4,000, while the tablet version is about $800-$1,000. It’s the same deal if you use the tablet as your point-of-sale system; they cost about half as much as a cash register.

Tablets are also cheaper to install. With a traditional kiosk you have to pay for a truck to drop off the kiosk plus a technician to install it. With a tablet you can do the work yourself.

2. Versatile
If you can imagine it, chances are the iPad can do it. There are a variety of kiosk apps to help your business. Use the iPad to snap a photo of guests and instantly print it on a name badge as they check in. Use a survey app to gather instant feedback from consumers. Loop a video or photos to show off your product. Or turn your tablet into a marquee.

The most popular way businesses use tablets is to accept payments. There are companies that provide a mobile payment app and card reader that plugs into the headphone jack. Customers can then make self-purchases without waiting in line at a register desk.

A tablet’s mobility and size gives you the freedom to place them anywhere: on a counter, attached to a wall, or freestanding. Decide how you want to display the tablet. If you’ll be manning a booth or a registration desk, then you’ll probably want an enclosure that sits on the table. If you want consumers to be able to walk up to the tablet and make a purchase whenever they want, then a tall floor stand is best. Once you’ve decided how you want to use the tablet, it will be easier to find an enclosure to meet your needs.

3. Interactive
People are hands on. So the more you can engage their senses, the better. Consumers will sometimes play around on a tablet just because they can. When they see something as sleek as a tablet kiosk their curiosity will peak and they’ll want to take a look. Consumers want to do more than just look, they want to be involved. It’s easier to engage consumers when you give them a hands-on tool to use.